Sunday, December 19, 2010

Rare Sights

First-hand sights I'll never forget:
  • a coyote sitting atop an upturned round bale in early morning light
  • the devastation of the Murrah Federal Bldg in Oklahoma City soon after the bombing
  • a beaver crossing FM 708 leaving a wet trail from his tail
  • a lion fight

  • a starving fox in Leicester Square, London
  • a school of hammerhead sharks from a helicopter over the Gulf of Mexico
  • a complete double rainbow above the SD Badlands
  • green and blue icebergs
  • a grizzly annoyed by my presence on his river
  • a hawk with a snake in his claws flying overhead
  • the birth of my daughters
  • a meteor shower
  • crocodiles mauling wildebeest and zebra during their migration crossing
  • the Colosseum
  • twin beams of light shining in the NYC night sky in remembrance of the Twin Towers
  • a flasher's Mr. Happy in the Paris Metro
  • the Sistine Chapel
  • Masai warriors
  • the Great Theater where Paul preached to the Ephesians
  • the Marfa Lights
  • a lionfish scuba diving in Tahiti
I am so grateful for my eyes, so that I may see the good, the bad, and even the ugly. We live in a wondrous world!

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    1. WOW. You have done a lot of living, friend. Press on!