Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Oilfield Trash

Big fun yesterday. For the first time in 30 years, I got a detailed tour of a working rig.  This one was gas, whereas the ones I saw years ago were mostly drilling for oil. It's amazing how much technology has improved the safey and accuracy of drilling.  When I was on rigs back in the day (whether in Louisiana, offshore, or Texas), invariably the roughnecks were missing fingers and/or thumbs. Nowadays, everyone had all their digits intact. Hydraulics have replaced manual labor in many details, but thankfully, men are still necessary to run the rig. Real men. Men who have strength and skill and confidence. Watching them on the rig floor from the doghouse, it honestly is like watching great athletes or dancers; there is beauty in form, and music in rhythmic cadence. Everyone knows their roles and work together seamlessly, moving steel pipe of incredible weight easily. Well, they make it look easy, which is the hallmark of true competence. 

In addition to wanting to be a cop, I'd like to be a roughneck.

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