Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Un-Valentine's Day

See for a smile.

No, I don't hate love, but I do hate Valentine's Day. It pressures everyone to prove to the world that they have a current love, find a new one quickly, or fake it. From elementary school Valentine's parties, we start pushing our children to fall in love, choose one person over everyone else, and feel dejected when that person invariably chooses someone else. Ugh. Yeah, we sugarcoat it with giving a Scooby Doo Valentine's card to everyone in the room, but deep inside there's always that hope that He or She will know and respond.

If you love someone, let her know every day. Flowers are special only when they are given spontaneously, not when they are mandated gifts according to florists. Candy is special only when chosen with care, not in a token heart-shaped box from Walgreen's. A card is special only when either hand-made (not coerced) or timed appropriately to meet a personal special occasion, not because Hallmark has a specially-themed card available for purchase this week only.

Yeah, encourage kids to show their love to their mothers, but wouldn't it be better to have a sincere peck on the cheek or squeeze of the hand than a dozen red carnations? And when does it become right for fathers to give romantic gifts to their daughters? That's a bit creepy in my book.

Plus, what about the inevitable gift from someone you don't like? Everyone feels awkward, and it could have easily been avoided if the susceptible nerd had just kept his place. Don't encourage stupidity.


  1. agreed. this is exactly why we've been studying the love of God this month in our family and where true love comes from and what it looks like - it looks like Jesus on the cross. all of the hoopla in stores today makes my skin crawl...making money from insincere gifts, yuck. i know we can't avoid all of the hearts, i'm just trying to make to steer these little kids in a different direction, towards real love. hope your week is great. -kat

  2. I agree, sorta like having to pick out a Christmas gift for someone that has everything. Takes all the joy out of giving when you feel like you HAVE to do it. Just another way modern society attempts to squeeze the joy out of life. My hubby and I wrote poems to each other, on plain paper, didn't cost a dime, but worth so much more!
    Love you Kaye, (and I didn't feel forced to say that either)
    Debbie Keys
    (don't know how to do the profile thing so I always come up anonymous)