Friday, January 7, 2011

Touch Moments

Moments I've (been) touched:

  • a death row inmate's embrace
  • a boa constrictor wrapping itself around my forearm
  • the first flutter of movement in my womb
  • a campfire's warmth on my backside
  • the freshly burred head of a young boy
  • petting a moray eel in Moorea
  • tree sap on my fingers, legs, hair
  • a child's trusting hand in mine
  • dolphins propelling me through the water
  • plucking fragile cicada shells from trees with my grandmother
  • the merest brush with a potential lover
  • the contrast between the softness right above a dog's nose and the nose itself
  • black sand between my toes
  • a patient cow's teat in my hand
  • an icicle on my tongue
  • cradling a mewing baby white tiger in my arms
  • stones brilliantly pieced together by the Inca
  • living coral beneath the sea
  • my baby nursing contentedly 
  • bitingly cold air in my lungs
  • my blind grandfather's hand on my arm
  • the sun's heat on my face
  • gingerly holding a blowfish in my hands
The ability to feel makes life meaningful and memorable.

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